7 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

Published: November 3, 2023 • Last Updated: December 22, 2023 • Author: Ramal Ibrahimov

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of refining a webpage to boost its search engine rankings. This process provides your business with a strong online presence and better search visibility. It attracts more customers right when they are actively looking for your product or service.


Yet, often the business owners are unsure about the necessity of SEO for their business. Here are seven strong reasons why your business might significantly benefit from SEO services.

1. SEO is the best way to get website traffic

Unlike social media platforms, where algorithms tailor content recommendations, the web is used primarily as a result of a search. Most people will make a Google search if they intend to visit websites. 

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank higher for popular keywords, ensuring maximum visibility and web traffic.

Sure, you have the option to drive traffic to your website through various channels such as social media and newsletters. However, these sources do not offer the same level of volume and precision in targeting as search engines do. 

If your business has a website and depends solely on traffic from sources other than search engines, you might be leaving a lot of money on the table.

2. SEO builds trust and credibility

SEO has some parts aimed at establishing trust and credibility both in the eyes of search engines and users. Search engines rely on ranking factors like external links (backlinks), user behavior, user experience, and EAT (Expertise-Trust-Authority). 


Google favors websites that are not only relevant to the search query but also trustworthy and credible. Additionally, according to some studies, many users instinctively trust top-ranking websites, and therefore associate high search rankings with credibility.

3. User experience

Enhancing your website’s user experience is one of the primary parts of SEO strategies



Google cares about delivering valuable information to users once they click on search results. The primary objective of search engines is to seamlessly fulfill users’ queries. Therefore, Google uses metrics like time spent on a page and bounce rate to assess your page’s ability to meet search intent.



Additionally, Google favors websites with clean and responsive user experience designs. SEO services not only grow your website’s visibility but also improve its overall user experience.

4. SEO is cost-effective

SEO is a long-term game. An SEO service performed over a few months can yield lasting and progressively improving results for years.

Therefore, you should not view SEO costs as short-term investments. The results of SEO efforts may become noticeable anywhere from 4 to 12 months after execution. Considering this, SEO has one of the highest returns on investment (ROIs) among the major marketing channels.


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5. SEO positively affects buying cycle

In the era of the internet, consumers often do research on products and services through Google before making a purchase. Using this opportunity to provide them with relevant information about your business, new product offerings, or exclusive deals while they are actively researching can be highly lucrative. This approach to SEO not only enhances your sales potential but also grows your brand awareness.

6. SEO is PR

One of the most important parts of SEO is link building, a process that consists of securing links from authoritative websites to your own. The quality and relevance of these links significantly impact your rankings on search engines.


Link building goes hand in hand with public relations, as your brand gets featured on various websites, potentially even on globally recognized publications.

7. Only the first page gets visitors

Most clicks coming from a keyword usually go to pages on the first page of search results; the second page is often ignored. Moreover, the lion’s share of these clicks goes to the top 3 ranking websites.


Traffic from second or subsequent pages is usually too low to be noteworthy. Simply being visible isn’t enough if you aim to significantly grow your website traffic; you must outperform your competitors, which is what SEO is centered around.

Final word

Besides being the best source of website traffic, SEO has many benefits that go beyond search rankings, such as increased sales, credibility, and brand awareness. Moreover, simply ranking isn’t the purpose of SEO, because it is not enough to attract high traffic – you have to aim for the top.